Brand New Red Pocket Design for 2018


Brand New Red Pocket Design for 2018

February 01,2018

Your customized item for the Chinese New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year is one of the most important festivals in the Chinese community, people give their blessings by giving the “Red Pocket” to their relatives and friends.

2018 is the year of Dog, Advance Label made 2 designs of Red Pocket for our clients. One is made with flower theme; the other one is made with dog theme. Besides, Advance Label specially added a finishing technique called “Customized embossed foil stamping” which makes very delicate embossing effects on hot foils. This special technique adds gradient and 3D visual effects to hot foils, it gives brilliant reflection under different direction, angle and strength of light radiation.

The “Customized embossed foil stamping” can be applied on many products, from high-end packaging box or simple hot foil stamping label. This technique can be applied on different thickness of paper, varnishing or plastic film surface, etc.

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