Year Calendar Card 2018


Year Calendar Card 2018

2018 is coming! Advance Label is making a new design of calendar card to you. We use plenty of printing features and combining several techniques on the 2018 calendar card.

We use the green material of soy ink to reduce pollution during the printing process. And we select an unusual paper to be the printing materials, because it can show rainbow effect and make the calendar to be more elegant.

The most unusual features we used is called “Temperature change ink”. This ink will change the ink color by itself when it reaches a designated temperature, and the ink is reversible while the temperature is back to normal. At this time, we have chosen the “black to transparent” and “purple to blue” color to apply on the calendar card. Client can use the effect to hide or protect any important messages to end users, which can draw the attention of end user and more interactive between the product and users. This printing feature usually apply on toy products, because the printing cost is high and rare have stock to supply. It can be suggested to use on security purpose, and select suitable color to print on partial area.

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