A Few Things about Educational Toys and Learning Materials - The Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box Project


A Few Things about Educational Toys and Learning Materials - The Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box Project

Nowadays parents have paid more and more attention to the education of their children. They started to make their children to learn through play from the early childhood stage. Therefore, a variety of educational toys have emerged on the market. Our company has been designing and producing children's educational toys and DIY manual teaching materials as early as 2000, and established two brands, Aha! and CraftLover. In addition to our own brands, we have also cooperated with many educational institutions and business over the years to design and produce different kinds of toys, stationeries and children's products, including the popular STEM, STEAM, STREAM educational toys in recent years that covering the aspects of science, technology, robotic, engineering, art, mathematics.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, in collaboration with Caritas Hong Kong, Hong Kong Christian Service, and Tai Kwun, designed and launched the Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box Project. The purpose of the project is to provide children, who forced to stay at home due to the epidemic, with learning materials to learn through play. At the same time, the project also aims to encourage the participation of parents in order to improve parent-child relationship. With years of experience in designing and producing pre-school materials and well equipped with the necessary production facilities in our factory, Advance Label is appointed as the manufacturer of this project, participating in the entire process from design to production, until the official launch of the product.

The Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box 1

The Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box 1

The Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box contains a variety of interesting games and exciting stories. Through these activities, children can benefit in various aspects, including their cognitive, physical, art, emotional, social and moral learning and development. The Wonder Box project has been launched in two phases, and the response has been positive, gaining rapid support and recognition from parents, teachers and children.

Rich contents in the activity box

Due to the wide range of themes in the activity box, there are large variety of parts and components included. The printing and production time must be matched with the customer's series of promotion plans. It could not afford any delay and so is certainly a challenge for the manufacturer. Take the Wonder Box 1 as an example, it consists of six small boxes, which contain more than 50 game materials and a total of 18 activities. The Wonder Box 2 includes richer contents and thus has more components. For example, three of the boxes can be combined to form a train and combining with AR technology to carry out a large-scale physical exhibition in the second stage. It requires subtle coordination of printing details to achieve the desired effect.

Train Model of The Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box 2

During the production process, Advance Label coordinated multiple departments and production lines in our factory, carefully planned and reviewed each production step, and successfully delivered the Wonder Box sets before the deadline. In addition to large-scale printing and production, all accessories and materials were prepared by us. In the process of design and brainstorming, we provided professional advice on printing, such as assisting to refine some details, to make the product more perfect. We resolved the difficulties encountered in the printing process with our experience. In fact, Advance Label is known for providing comprehensive services from design, prepress, production, packaging to delivery, so that our clients can focus on product development and marketing promotions without any worries.


The Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box 2

Advance Label has more than 50 years of history in the printing industry in Hong Kong, with a wide range of products covering the needs of different industries. Our company always emphasizes on social responsibility, so it is a great honor for us to participate in this Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box Project, supporting the education of the next generation and contributing to the society. In the future, Advance Label is looking forward to cooperating with different parties on different projects to develop all kinds of possibilities.


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