AI Design Creation Technology - Variable Data Printing From One Design to Millions


AI Design Creation Technology - Variable Data Printing From One Design to Millions

The continuous development of technology has made printing improved in a way that different products can be printed faster and more diversely. The 2022 Calendar of Advance Label Limited is a typical example of how the artificial intelligence (AI) design creation technology is applied to digital printing. It brings infinite possibilities in personalized design to the printed matter.

Artificial intelligence design creation technology is a digital printing technology to handle variable data. A core design is needed in the first hand, and then artificial intelligence calculation and stimulation will automatically and randomly generate different designs, by manipulating the core design. The automation may include scaling, rotation, position conversion, mirroring, discoloration, etc. At the end, it results in countless different design outputs. Using this powerful technology, one design can create an infinite number of designs easily. Designers can concentrate on working out the core design and leave the remaining to AI. It greatly reduces the time and effort to spend on design works and boosts efficiency. It is definitely a great help to those clients who have very limited resources or budget on design.

Mosaic Technology Digital Printing Variable Data

If you take a closer look at our 2022 calendar card, despite the exquisite design, it is not difficult to notice that the patterns printed on each of them are different. Each calendar card maintains a core design style while at the same time variation of the pattern brings out unique elements. It is not difficult to conclude that this technology is very suitable for printing personalized products. In addition to calendar cards, it can also be applied on the production of most printed products. For example, using this technology to manage variable data, hundreds of thousands or even millions of different labels and stickers can be printed quickly at a time for sales promotion. Besides, clients can also consider adding personalized elements when printing promotional materials or gifts, which is in line with the trend of personalized marketing in recent years.

Advance Label provides tailor-made packaging and marketing solutions for clients’ products. The application of variable data printing to the production of personalized packaging is a popular trend in recent years. Using variable data technology, special editions or limited editions can be added to the production batch easily, or even piece-by-piece different packaging can be produced in order to match with promotional activities, so as to create brand image and attract public attention. Unique and stylish personalized product packaging also facilitates social media promotion and reach target customer groups better.

Advance Label has always provided each client with services that suit their needs. No matter you want to know more about variable data printing, want to get some advice on printing, or have a sales plan to implement, please feel free to contact us and tell us your thoughts!

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