What is Extended Content Labels?


What is Extended Content Labels?

Expanded Content Labels are also referred to as multi-ply labels, booklet labels, fold-out labels, peel-back or resealable labels, and so on. They combine an outsert that is folded or bound with a pressure-sensitive label. Expanded Content Labels provide advantages such more room for multilingual and regulatory information, adaptability to almost any container, tamper-evident features, and reseal features for repeated use. Compared to standard labels, expanded content labels offer greater room for information.

Expanded content labels are necessary due to evolving legal requirements as well as the necessity to inform customers of important information. You may connect with a worldwide audience by creating multilingual content.By offering regulatory information, cross-promotional materials, Instant Redeem Coupons, online rebates, and multilingual translations, Expanded Content Labels further increase the value of your product line.

Types of extended content labels

  • Booklet Labels
    • Stapled Spine
    • Glued Spine
  • Joint Booklet and Primary Labels
  • Fold-out Labels
    • Half-Fold
    • Tripanel Fold
    • Map Fold
    • Concertina Fold
  • Peel & Reseal Labels
  • Encapsulate Pocket Labels
  • Warp Around Peel & Reveal Labels

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