Professional Printing and Packaging Solution for E-Commerce Business


Professional Printing and Packaging Solution for E-Commerce Business

Consumption pattern of people changed largely since the outbreak of COVID-19. The drastic increase of online shopping made many businesses to involve in e-Commerce or start digital transformation. This trend of going online in the post-pandemic world has created an increasing demand on printing products as well.

E-commerce in Post-pandemic Era

E-Commerce or Quick Commerce business accepts orders online and ship their products to the hands of their customers through logistic. Good product packaging is very important. The packaging should have with enough protection to prevent the products from damaging during transitions. At the same time, the packaging should be able to highlight the brand or express the brand image so people can recognize the business. To some business, they will make smart packaging using technology such as NCF or RFID for inventory control and security purposes.

Different business may have different needs on printing and packaging. Multiple sizes of custom packaging boxes, bags and pouches are currently the hot-pick items to most customers. Other printing materials such as custom form, leaflets, labels, catalogues, wrapping paper, are also crucial components in e-commerce business.

e-Commerce Packaging Series

A series of attractive designed packaging demonstrates the uniqueness, unity, and intention of your brand to your customers. If you plan to start your online business, it is worth to spend some time brainstorming the brand image and how to present it on your product packaging. If design is not your strength, you may consider to look for a printing partner who provides OEM/ODM services. Actually, an experienced printing manufacturer can help to simplify things a lot. Besides working out the designs, they may also provide valuable advice and suggestions to your marketing plan.

With over 50 years of experience in the printing industry, Advance Label is always at the back of our clients, helping them to resolve their problems. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives if you need any help.

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